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All our team members are russians so we prefer native Russian-speaking employees. Nevertheless, all the staff speaks English well and people are very gentle. Employment questions should be addressed to Alexander Ustinov or Alexey Belov. During last months we almost constantly have the following open positions:

.NET programmer (for beginners, final-year students or graduates)

  • Good software development / designing skills. Knowledge of OOP concepts and ability to use them.
  • Familiarity with .NET Framework
  • Good English knowledge
  • University graduate or 4 \ 5 year student (the people graduated from Department of Mathematics & Mechanics of Ural State University are preferable)
  • Full working day, but flexible schedule
  • Tact and sense of humor – we are very united team.

We are ready to give a talk to nominee without .NET development experience. It’s better for us if you have a bright mind instead of certain level of platform knowledge.

.NET developer/architect (experienced .NET developer)

  • Good software development and design skills
  • .NET Framework 2.0 knowledge, strong experience with WindowsForms \ WPF or ASP.NET
  • Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2005; good understanding of such RDBMS concepts as transactions and isolation
  • Good written English, including ability to set out in writing your thougths and ideas
  • Ability to operate quietly and autonomously, but communicate well. Abilities to discover problems, set up tasks for the team and ensure their in-time completion. Guidance of development team (2-3 people) will be appreciated as very positive experience.
  • University graduate (the people graduated from Department of Mathematics & Mechanics of Ural State Universityare preferable)
  • Full day, flexible operating schedule (holding of more than one appointment usually is not a problem)
  • Tact and sense of humor – we are very united team.

Please send your CV by email to before calling us by phone or visiting our office.

The reasons to join our team

  • We’re working as a self-funding startup. There are just about 25 employees now; so if you’re really the person we need, you have a good chance to get the share.
  • All the members of our team are friendly and interesting people
  • During last 4 years there are only 3 developers have left us
  • We are very open-minded people. Distance between executives and developers is almost zero.
  • All our executives are developers as well.

If you are young, but unique developer, architect and idea man at once – you have good chances to get high position in months.

Если вы здесь почти ничего не поняли — посмотрите русскую версию этой странички. Жаль, что у вас плохо с английским; если вы действительно планируете прийти к нам на интервью, один «минус» у вас будет «автоматом».